EaZyBarra Gritting

With the heavy snow last week, we decided to put EaZyBarra to the test gritting the roads in our street. A bit of fun but we found another use for EaZyBarra 🙂

EaZyBarra Stockists

More new EaZyBarra Stockists added to our growing list of stockists Nationwide.

We are still currently looking for more stockists to meet the increasing demand for our product.

Interested in Stocking EaZyBarra? Give us a call  on 0800 612 6401 or contact us by email

EaZyBarra in Use

J&D Marsh Groundworks of Neston

using their new EaZyBarra purchased from Neston Building Supplies

Watch how EaZy it is moving slabs

EaZyBarra in Use

EaZyBarra first load

EaZyBarra First load Delivered by Bobby Barrows

EaZyBarra First load delivered by Bobby Barrows.

Bobby Barrows our distributor in Ireland have only just received their stock this week and already selling to merchants all across Ireland.

Thank You and keep up the good work.

Interested in stocking EaZyBarra in Ireland?

Contact Ryan OLeary at Bobby Barrows

Bobby Barrows

eazybarra ireland distributor

EaZyBarra Distributor Ireland | Bobby Barrows

EaZyBarra Distributor Ireland | Bobby Barrows

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Bobby Barrows as our distributor of EaZyBarra for Ireland.

Bobby Barrows supply a full range of wheelbarrows to Merchants across Ireland and see the EaZybarra as a great addition to their expanding product range

EaZyBarra will be available In Ireland from 15th November, contact Ryan OLeary at Bobby Barrows for further details


eazybarra arrives denmark

EaZyBarra Arrives in Denmark

EaZyBarra arrives in Denmark – Since the launch of our EaZyBarra last week, the response from merchants in the UK has been amazing with several National and Independent merchants placing orders with us.

Never in our wildest dreams did we expect to be sending EaZybarra’s outside the UK

(certainly not in the first week anyway). 

However, we have and now have a stockist in Denmark.

Contact us if interested in Stocking EaZyBarra

Eazybarra - never give up on your dreams

EaZyBarra – Never Give Up On Your Dreams

EaZyBarra – Never Give Up On Your Dreams

10 Years ago our MD Eric Williamson was featured in our local newspaper with his invention “EaZyBarra”

He was a finalist and runner up at Biggart Baillie Innovation awards, had secured Trademarks, Patent and European Design Rights.

We had our first 50 EaZyBarra’s manufactured by JFC, thanks to John Concannon who saw the potential for the product.

Unfortunately, due to the cost of the product and market conditions in 2007/2008, it just didn’t happen.

Although we sold the 50 Eazybarra’s, we couldn’t get merchants to commit and eventually decided to go back to the drawing board.

Eric never gave up though, he always believed that some day merchants in the UK and Europe would be stocking and selling EaZyBarra.

Finally a chance meeting early this year with Andrew Doris, (Inventor of The Universal Manhole Cover Lifting Keys)  re ignited our passion and encouraged us to press ahead with the manufacture of EaZyBarra.

Eventually, 10 years on merchants nationwide have committed to stock and sell our EaZyBarra, we even have orders from Scandinavia.

The 11th October will mark another step of our journey with the first 1000 EaZyBarra’s prepared for delivery to our growing network of Merchants.

Never Give Up on your Dreams!

We would like to extend our Gratitude to everyone who has helped and supported us on our journey, Thank You

eazybarra-buildersEaZyBarra Multipurpose Barroweazybarra

Looking for your nearest stockist?

interested in stocking EaZyBarra?


Homebuilding & Renovating Show

We are Exhibiting at the Homebuilding & Renovating Show at RHC Edinburgh on 21st-22nd October, promoting Premier Tech Aqua’s full range of wastewater treatment products, along with a range of innovative products including our New EaZyBarra multipurpose barrow

Visit us on Stand 153

homebuilding & Renovating showsolido smartEaZyBarra Multipurpose Barrow


EaZyBarra-Builders Merchants sign up to stock

EaZyBarra-Builders Merchants sign up to stock 

EaZyBarra – With the EaZyBarra rolling off the production lines and available for delivery from 1st October, Builders Merchants UK wide are now signing up and placing stock orders.

Recognising the time, effort and cost saving benefits not only for their customers, but for their own staff moving and handling paving slabs in their yards, merchants are eagerly awaiting the arrival of EaZyBarra.

Contractors and merchant staff who have tested the EaZyBarra can’t believe how easy and how little effort is required to move heavy items.

EaZyBarra is initially available in five different Colours – black, green, orange, silver & yellow although other colours can be produced upon request.

The launch of our new product is exciting and the response, support and uptake from merchants has been amazing! We are grateful, Thank You for your commitment and support.

We are still looking for more stockists in certain areas of the UK.

Interested in stocking? call us on 0800 612 6401 or email info@xoli.co.uk

John McLaughlin Design, Brilliant Work!

John – Thank You

Looking for a Website, Print Design, Logo Design & Branding,Then Look no further!

John McLaughlin Design will take care of it all and give you all the support, guidance and advice you will ever need.

We are so grateful and can’t thank John enough for all the support, guidance and work he has undertaken to develop our Website, Branding, Stationary and Literature.

Brilliant Work John,

Thank You