Residential Home Sewage Treatment Plant

Residentail Home Sewage Treatment Plant
Auchtermairnie Care Home

Residential Home Sewage Treatment Plant Solution to reduce environmental pollution

Auchtermairnie Care Home Kennoway in Fife had been searching for several months to find a solution to upgrade their existing sewage treatment plant. Having contacted several wastewater Treatment companies in search of a solution with no success, The Owner of Fairfield Care Scotland Colin Corstorphine contacted Xoli in search of a solution.

After a site survey and discussions with Colin, we understood the challenge of finding a solution.

The home had expanded over the past couple of years

The existing Treatment plant, although working was regularly overloaded and failing to comply with the license requirements of SEPA.

It was imperative that the home remained fully open 24 hours a day with no disruption, so we had to find the best residential home sewage treatment plant solution.

Installing a new system was impossible due to lack of space – only available space was the car park which had to remain open and clear for access.

Access and parking is limited – Home located on a country road with no parking available off site.

Existing Treatment plant located to side of home with limited space and access and no possible way of excavating and installing an underground system next to the existing treatment plant.


The only option was to find an above ground system which we could add to the existing treatment plant, increasing the capacity and improving the final effluent quality without any disruption to the day to day running of the nursing home.

After speaking to various manufacturers and a visit to a manufacturing plant in Germany we found a solution. A Delphin Classic fixed bed sewage treatment plant comprising of three tanks which we could install above ground set on a concrete slab next to the existing system. This allowed us to add to the existing treatment plant with the addition of a pump with no disruption to the running of the home.

Home Sewage Treatment Plant Installation

With limited space and access the installation proved to be a challenge. We had to use a small excavator to prepare the area for the concrete base, the concrete had to be poured from the roadside, the tanks had to be delivered to site individually on small trailers and we had lift the tanks into position with a hiab. Over and above these challenges, we had horrible weather to contend with. However, four days later the tanks were in place and connected, site tidied up with no disruption to the home. Installation completed!


After only just six weeks, The sewage Treatment plant has produced tremendous final effluent results achieving 9 mg/l BOD : 6mg/ltr S/S : 8mg/ltr NH4 as tested by SEPA and far lower than the minimum compliance levels of the discharge license.

Delphin Range of Sewage Treatment Plants

The experts for fixed-bed technology

DELPHIN Water Systems GmbH & Co. KG in Buxtehude/Germany is one of the leading manufacturers of fully biological wastewater treatment plants with fixed-bed technology.

Delphin Classic Sewage Treatment Plant – Complete compact Wastewater Treatment Plants with a single clarification line for operation at facilities with connection sizes up to 220PE

Delphin Compact wastewater Treatment Plants <46PE – The DELPHIN® compact is a fully biological small scale wastewater treatment plant for the treatment of domestic sewage with the fixed-bed process. See how it works

Looking for a Wastewater Solution?

We pride ourselves on providing cost effective, innovative solutions for our customers, supplying quality sewage Treatment plants from leading manufacturers with the best possible final effluent levels to minimise environmental pollution. If you have a problem, looking to upgrade or install anew sewage treatment plant give us a call on 01236 796437.

Wastewater Treatment solutions can also be provided by Xoli for Hotels, Wedding Venues, Caravan Parks, Camping sites, Glamping Sites

Looking to Save Money?

Perhaps you may also be looking to save money on water bills? We have a full range of Rainwater Harvesting Systems available for commercial and domestic applications. Call us for details 01236 796437

Cumbrae Sewage Treatment Plant installations

Isle of Cumbrae Sewage Treatment Plant Installations

Cumbrae Sewage Treatment Plant installations

Cumbrae Sewage Treatment Plant Installations

Cumbrae Sewage Treatment Plant installations at public toilets located at the Cumbrae Slip and Fintry Bay toilets were required to save money and reduce pollution.

After many years of paying large amounts of money several times per year to have their sewage holding tank at the cumbrae Slip Toilets emptied, Cumbrae Community Development Corporation decided to invest in a new sewage Treatment Plant system. They also decided it would be beneficial to have an old brick septic tank at Fintry Bay Toilets replaced at the same time. The CEO at the time Michael Bertram called us to find a solution. After several visits and meetings with Michael, David Williamson and Jan Wilkie Of CCDC we found a solution. It was great to see and hear that people care so much about the island and the environment.


The main challenge with the cumbrae slip toilets was where to discharge the treated effluent from the treatment plant. Discharging to the sea could have been an option, however the costs involved as well as the environmental impact were issues. The feasibility and the cost of a road crossing and leading a pipe into the sea meant this option was simply out of the question. Another option looked at was a soakaway in a grassed are between the main road and car park, however with several cables laid in this area and the disruption to the car park and road this was ruled out. The only other option would be a soakaway to the rear of the toilet block.

Challenges at Fintry Bay were far less with the only real challenge being -repairing the outlet pipe on the beach.

Cumbrae Sewage Treatment Plant Installations Solution

Cumbrae Slip – After carrying out soil porosity tests to the rear of the cumbrae slip toilets and consultation with SEPA it was agreed and decided that a soakaway would be installed after the sewage treatment plant as the preferred option for the discharge. However, to ensure minimum impact on the environment we proposed the installation of an Ecoflo tertiary treatment unit which would treat the final effluent even further. This meant we had to install a twin pump station installed directly after the sewage treatment plant to pump the treated effluent to the ecoflo unit.

Fintry Bay – A straightforward solution involving removal of old brick septic tank and installation of a Tricel Vento septic tank and installation of new mdpe discharge pipe connected to existing ductile iron pipe on the beach. Timing and speed were crucial for the pipework installation due to tide times


Installation commenced on Tuesday 1st October at The Cumbrae Slip Toilets with everything going to plan, apart from having to break away rock to allow for the installation of the pump station. Even the weather was kind to us – two glorious days of sunshine. However, by Wednesday evening the full system was installed, commissioned and working. We moved along to Fintry Bay on Thursday morning and with a low tide on our side, we replaced the outfall pipe with MDPE pipe and electrofusion welded joints. By the end of the afternoon we hade the new septic tank in place which only left us Friday morning to make some final connections and complete the work just in time before the storm hit.

Cumbrae Cludgie cleaner

During our several visits to the island we had the pleasure of meeting Suki McGregor – The Cumbrae Cludgie Cleaner who does a remarkable job cleaning all the public toilets on Cumbrae and keeping them to a very high standard. Suki is an inspirational character and deserves a tremendous amount of praise for the work she does not only for the standard of the toilets but for the work she does promoting the island.

Suki McGregor – The Cumbrae Cludgie Cleaner

Radio Interview

What we didn’t realise was that that Suki had a surprise for us – we had to appear on Suki Soos paradise island radio show for a two-hour interview on the Tuesday Evening. Not having ever appeared on a radio show and not a big music fan, it was quite a nerve racking but nevertheless an enjoyable experience. Thanks to Suki for the invite.

Final Challenge

The final challenge was getting back to the mainland on the last day. Although its only a 10minute journey the weather turned and sailings were at risk of being cancelled due to the high winds. Thankfully we landed safe and sound back in Largs.

Cumbrae Sewage Treatment Plant Installations Complete

Another successful sewage Treatment plant complete on one Scottish Island. We regularly supply sewage Treatment Plants and septic tanks to other Scottish Islands and are currently working on similar projects.

Do you have a project or requirements for a sewage Treatment Plant or septic tank solution on A Scottish Island ?

Give us a call on 01236 796437 to discuss your requirements and let us find a solution for you

Roto Wastewater Treatment Stockist

Roto Wastewater Treatment Stockist

Roto Wastewater Treatment Stockist -We are delighted to announce the appointment of K Pipe as stockists for the Roto Range of wastewater treatment products for Northern England.

As a result of our continued success across Scotland with the Roto Range, in particular the Roto Ecobox and Roclean sewage Treatment plants, the appointment of K Pipe as stockists in Lancashire, coupled with our extensive stock of the Roto range at our yard in Central Scotland, now gives us the opportunity to provide the full range of Roto wastewater Treatment products across Northern England and Scotland.

Having previously worked with Mark Perry and the team at K pipe for many years and knowing the high standards set, we are confident that the team at K Pipes will provide excellent customer service and develop the Roto range throughout Northern England.

Roto Wastewater Treatment Stockist K Pipe Location

Roto Wastewater Treatment Stockist
Bambers Quay, Yard A, Higher Ince, Anderton Street Wigan WN2 2BG. T: 01942247000

In addition to the Roto Wastewater Treatment Range, K Pipe also stock a full range of underground & above ground drainage products. Contact K Pipe for further details on the packages and solutions they can offer.

Homebuilding & Renovating Show Birmingham 28th – 31st march

Mark will be joining us at the Homebuilding & renovating show at Birmingham next week, where we will have the Roto Ecobox Sewage Treatment Plant, Roterra water Tank, Romast Grease Separator, Ropump pumping station and Water Butts on display. Directors and technical staff from Roto will also be on hand to answer any questions relating to the range of Roto products

Come and visit our stand H143

Register for free tickets

homebuilding & renovating show

New Stockists & Installers Required

Stockists and Installers of the Roto range of Wastewater Treatment Products required throughout the UK. Interested? Come and visit us on the stand or call us on 01236 796437 for more information and areas available.

Wedding venue Sewage Treatment Plant Falkirk Scotland

Wedding Venue Sewage Treatment Plant Falkirk Scotland

Wedding Venue Sewage Treatment Plant Falkirk Scotland

100pe roclean three kings

Wedding venue Sewage Treatment Plant Falkirk Scotland supplied and Installed earlier this month.

The Three Kings at Shieldhill, Falkirk are currently expanding their wedding venue with a new 10-bedroom accommodation building being built adjacent to the existing building. With the increased demand for weddings at the Three Kings and the additional accommodation meant that the sewage system had to be totally upgraded.

This involved renewal of the existing foul water and surface water drainage systems, the installation of new drainage to accommodate the new building, installation of a new grease trap, diverting existing sink wastes, decommissioning the existing septic tank and the installation of a new 100 Pe Sewage Treatment Plant.

To ensure they met the discharge criteria required by SEPA, after careful consideration and extensive market research owner David Cattanach decided to opt for the Roto Roclean 100 Pe Sewage Treatment Plant with oxygen probe and Scada remote monitoring.

The Scada, oxygen probe and telemetry system allow the system to be monitored 24hours per day remotely ensuring the system is constantly working at optimum performance. Remote access via internet and mobile devices also allows parameters to be adjusted if necessary.

100pe roclean three kings  100pe roclean three kings

Installation time and minimum disruption had also to be considered with only a two-week slot from the 7th of January before the first wedding of the year on the 19th to have the system installed and up and running. Bearing this in mind, along with the size of the treatment plant we called on the services of local contractor Stewart Robb Plant Ltd to carry out the excavation works to ensure we met the deadline.

   100pe roclean three kings   100pe roclean three kings  

Thankfully the weather was kind to us, allowing us to have the Roto Roclean Sewage Treatment Plant, Roto Rofett Grease Trap and all the drainage installed, backfilled, site levelled off, tidied up and the system up and running by the 17th, two days before the deadline.

100pe roclean three kings  100pe roclean three kings  100pe roclean three kings

Having been operational for the past two weeks the final part of the installation was the connection of the remote monitoring and final commissioning of the system. To assist with this, Roto kindly sent two of their technical engineers Vito Zalig And Mitja Gjerkes to Scotland this week to make the final checks and connection of the Scada.

100pe roclean three kings

100pe roclean three kings  100pe roclean three kings  100pe roclean three kings  100pe roclean three kings  100pe roclean three kings

Now with the system fully operational, commissioned and 24/7 remote monitoring live, David and his team have peace of mind the system will be operating at optimum performance, monitored, serviced and maintained by Xoli and Roto, allowing them to focus on running their business.

On a personal note, I would like to Thank David for giving us the opportunity to supply and install their sewage treatment system at The Three Kings and Thank the staff for the hospitality afforded to us during our time on site.

The Three Kings was a great project to be involved with and we are so lucky and grateful to have a wonderful team of people and suppliers working with us and supporting us to ensure we provide excellent service and value for our clients.

Like the three Kings, if you are looking for a quality sewage treatment plant with ultimate control, professionally supplied and installed look no further than Xoli and Roto.

Call us today for more information on 01236 796437

Hotel Sewage Treatment Plant Scotland

Hotel Sewage Treatment Plant Scotland

Hotel Sewage Treatment Plant Scotland

Hotel Sewage Treatment Plant Scotland – 100 Pe Roto Roclean Sewage Treatment plant c/w oxygen probe and Scada remote monitoring being prepared for shipping to Scotland for installation in January.

Septic Tank Upgrade to Sewage Treatment Plant

With a new extension and upgrade to their hotel starting in January our clients also must upgrade their existing septic tank to a Sewage Treatment Plant to meet the requirements of SEPA.

As the hotel is primarily a wedding venue the Treatment Plant would have to cope with varying wastewater input loadings and achieve final effluent levels of 5mg/ltr on ammonia as stipulated by SEPA. To Achieve this, and have total control of the system our customer selected the Roto Roclean 100Pe SBR Sewage Treatment plant with oxygen probe and SCADA remote monitoring

Roto Roclean SBR Sewage Treatment Plant

sewage treatment plant

Why did our client choose the Roto Roclean Sewage Treatment Plant?

SBR systems are arguably the most efficient Sewage Treatment plants in the market, treating sewage in batches and able to cope with the varying input loadings.

Lower energy consumption as the compressors operate less than twelve hours per day.

Final effluent levels of 5mg/ltr ammonia can be achieved

The system will be monitored with SCADA remote monitoring and can be remotely controlled and adjusted if necessary, to ensure the system is working efficiently.

The Roto Tanks are manufactured from Polyethylene, are very strong and robust with telescopic necks allowing for an easier and faster installation, thus minimal disruption to their business.

The system is one tank with four 700mm diameter flat, locking covers meaning minimal visual impact in the hotel grounds.

Roclean Treatment Plant Cover

Peace of mind that the system will be monitored, serviced and maintained allowing them to focus on their business.

Grease Separator

Serving meals ultimately leads to a lot of grease entering the sewage system, so to minimise this our clients will also have a Rofett Grease separator installed, an absolute must for any commercial catering premises.

RoFett Grease Separator

Wedding Venues – Hotels – Function Suites – Restaurants

Are you looking to upgrade your existing sewage system or perhaps open a venue?

If so, we can help with design, product selection, supply and maintenance of your Sewage Treatment System.

Call us on 01236 796437

Grit Bins 330 Ltr - Roto group

Grit Bins 330 Ltr – Roto Group

Grit Bins 330 Ltr – Roto Group,

Grit Bins 330 Ltr – Roto Group,Another new addition to our ever growing product range manufactured by Roto Group.

Having visited Roto Group headquarters in Slovenia last week discussing new products and ranges to introduce for 2019, we are please to add the 330Ltr Grit Bin to our portfolio of Roto Products.

The 330 Ltr Grit Bins is available with or without the front hopper and a choice of colours.

Visit our Grit Bin product page for further information.

Roto HQ Slovenia

Every time we visit Roto Headquarters in Slovenia we are so impressed not only with the warm welcome, hospitality and generosity afforded to us,

but with the continuous research and development in new products across the full range of markets Roto Supply to worldwide, in particular the water Range of products.

New products for 2019

Grit Bins are one of the many products and ranges we will be adding to our portfolio of products in 2019.

To compliment our existing ranges further ranges of water tanks, wastewater treatment and rainwater harvesting products

will be added in the coming months. Watch out for further posts over the next few months.

Many of the products will be on display at exhibitions we will be attending in 2019.

Xoli Roto Group Distributors

Our partnership with Roto has allowed us to offer our customers a wider range of products offering some fantastic features and benefits.

With the continuous development of their product ranges, we are looking forward another successful year in 2019 working wih Roto.

Domestic Sewage Treatment plant Installation Scottish Highlands

Domestic Sewage Treatment plant Installation Scottish Highlands

Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant Installation Scottish Highlands – Another Roto Ecobox 6Pe Sewage Treatment plant recently supplied and installed at Grantown on Spey in the Scottish Highlands.

For our customers extending their cottage meant they also had to upgrade their existing septic tank to a sewage Treatment Plant.

After researching several manufacturers Domestic Sewage Treatment Plants and visiting our stand at the Glasgow Homebuilding & Renovating Show, our customer decided to buy one of our Roto Ecobox Sewage Treatment Plants.

Why did they choose the Roto Ecobox?

Several factors led them to choose the Roto Ecobox.

The quality of the tank – manufactured in Polyethylene, the tank is very strong and robust and with a flat base, meant that installation would be faster and easier.

Roto Ecobox 6pe    Roto Ecobox Tank

The telescopic neck also allowed for an easier installation and with 600mm diameter flat locking covers meant less visual impact in the garden.

Roto Telescopic Neck    Roto Locking Lid

No Mechanical or electrical components inside the tank, meaning less maintenance costs.

Roto Ecobox tank Neck

The control cabinet could be placed up to 15 mtrs from the tank, again reducing the visual impact and allowing for service and maintenance to be carried out without the need to be at home whilst service work being carried out.

sewage treatment plant controlc abinet roto

Low energy costs and longer lifespan of the compressor – as the system uses SBR treatment process and performs 4 cleaning cycles per day treating sewage in batches, this means the compressor is running less than 12 hours per day thus saving energy and prolonging the lifespan of the compressor.

Playing Their part in reducing the impact on the environment and selecting a treatment plant with excellent cleaning performance was another factor which influenced their decision to purchase the Roto Ecobox.

Supplied, Installed & Commissioned

With the tank delivered, installed and commissioned within 3 days, yet another happy customer with peace of mind they have bought a quality product.

Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant Installation Scottish Highlands?

Looking to buy a quality Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant? Before buying your treatment plant, seriously consider the Roto Ecobox

Septic Tanks

Septic Tank Smell/Installation

Septic Tank Smell/Installation

Septic Tank Smell/Installation – Another visit to a customer complaining of smells from their existing septic tank resulted in a new Septic tank having to be installed – Why?

Having surveyed the site, we found several problems

  1. Existing septic tank cover not secured properly causing smells in the garden.
  2. No ventilation on the tank (apart from an open lid) no carbon vent fitted
  3. Existing soakaway blocked. Items found in soakaway – baby wipes, cotton buds, solids
  4. Baffle in existing fibreglass septic tank collapsed – this has allowed wipes, solids etc to pass to soakaway.


With no way of repairing the existing Septic Tank, we had no alternative other than to install a new Roto Roseptic HDPE septic tank and drainage field.

This involved installation of the new Roto Septic Tank, sampling chamber, septiXvent and drainage field/soakaway as well as diverting existing drainage to new tank and decommissioning the existing tank.

Fortunately, the ground conditions and weather were excellent for the installation (unusual for Scotland) which along with the choice of Septic Tank – Roseptic by Roto meaning no concrete was required, allowed for a quick and easy installation. The screw down adjustable neck on the Roseptic also sped up the install with no cutting of neck extensions.

Adding the finishing touches of the sampling chamber and Xoli septiXvent, backfilling and levelling off the sight and job was complete.


Another happy customer with no smell in their garden.

It is always good to receive feedback from our customers, in this case the following morning we were sent an email which read

Morning Eric, Thanks for all your work – much appreciated. It was nice to wake this morning to the smell of coffee rather than the smell of “something else” !!

To reduce smells and prevent costly repair bills it’s always a good idea to carry out regular care and maintenance checks, follow Do’s and Don’ts guidelines and have your septic tank emptied regularly.


septic tank smells

Septic Tank Smells

Septic Tank Smells

Septic tank smells are a common problem we are asked to resolve.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a magic formula that will eradicate the smell and odour from human waste, however there are ways to control and reduce smells and odours coming from septic tanks and sewage treatment plants.

One way is to install a Xoli  septiXvent, our new septic tank vent kit

What causes Septic Tank Smells?

Again, a common question we are asked.

Several factors can cause smell around the tank and these can range from

FOG’S (fats, oils and grease) entering the system,

Excessive detergents entering the system – have a look at our Do’s and Dont’s page

Lack of maintenance i.e. tanks not being emptied at regular intervals

Poor installation

Loose or broken lids or in some case no proper lid fitted

Lack of ventilation or no ventilation

It is usually one or several of the above reasons but the most common problem we come across is lack of ventilation.

Septic Tanks and Sewage Treatment Plants should be ventilated.

Building Regulations H2 1.21 state

Septic tanks should prevent leakage of the contents and ingress of subsoil water and should

be ventilated. Ventilation should be kept away from buildings.

Septic Tank Vents

Septic Tank vents are readily available, however buying all the correct components to allow easy fitting of the vent can be quite a task. Not anymore!

Xoli septiXvent is now available to allow septic tank vents to be fitted easily.


Complete septic tank vent kit in one box with all the components require to install a vent.

The kit comprises of all pipes and fittings along with a carbon filled vent which allows the system to vent but prevents smells entering the atmosphere.

Visit or septiXvent page for more information.

So, If you have a problem with smells around your septic tank fitting a septiXvent along with a health check around your tank – does the tank need emptied, are all the covers secure? Is there FOGs entering the system? Fit a Grease Trap, reduce chemicals and detergents entering the system and you will reduce the smell.

Look out for more new products coming soon


Xoli Appointed Roto Group Distributor

Xoli Appointed Roto Group Distributor

Xoli Appointed Roto Group Distributor

We are delighted to announce our appointment as UK Importers and distributors for Roto Group’s water range of products.

Roto Group

Roto Group are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of rotationally moulded plastic products, manufacturing over 4000 products and exporting to over 50 countries worldwide.
With headquarters in Slovenia, 6 European manufacturing plants hosting over 40 roto-moulding machines including one of the largest roto-moulding machines and over 40 years of experience in manufacturing, Roto have built a global reputation for the quality of its products.

Product Range

Our partnership with Roto Group now allows us to offer our customers an even wider range of products offering some fantastic features and benefits.

The Roto range includes Water Tanks, Wastewater Treatment Plants, Septic Tanks, Grease Separators, Oil Separators and Pumping Stations.

sewage treatment plant roto ecobox logo   water Tanks

So, its exciting times ahead with more ranges coming soon.

speak to our team for more information 01236 796437