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Hotel Sewage Treatment Plant Scotland

Hotel Sewage Treatment Plant Scotland Hotel Sewage Treatment Plant Scotland – 100 Pe Roto Roclean Sewage Treatment plant c/w oxygen probe and Scada remote monitoring being prepared for shipping to Scotland for installation in January. Septic Tank Upgrade to Sewage Treatment Plant With a new extension and upgrade to their hotel starting in January our […]

Grit Bins 330 Ltr – Roto Group

Grit Bins 330 Ltr – Roto Group, Grit Bins 330 Ltr – Roto Group,Another new addition to our ever growing product range manufactured by Roto Group. Having visited Roto Group headquarters in Slovenia last week discussing new products and ranges to introduce for 2019, we are please to add the 330Ltr Grit Bin to our portfolio […]

Domestic Sewage Treatment plant Installation Scottish Highlands

Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant Installation Scottish Highlands – Another Roto Ecobox 6Pe Sewage Treatment plant recently supplied and installed at Grantown on Spey in the Scottish Highlands. For our customers extending their cottage meant they also had to upgrade their existing septic tank to a sewage Treatment Plant. After researching several manufacturers Domestic Sewage Treatment […]

Septic Tank Smell/Installation

Septic Tank Smell/Installation Septic Tank Smell/Installation – Another visit to a customer complaining of smells from their existing septic tank resulted in a new Septic tank having to be installed – Why? Having surveyed the site, we found several problems Existing septic tank cover not secured properly causing smells in the garden. No ventilation on the […]

Septic Tank Smells

Septic Tank Smells Septic tank smells are a common problem we are asked to resolve. Unfortunately, we don’t have a magic formula that will eradicate the smell and odour from human waste, however there are ways to control and reduce smells and odours coming from septic tanks and sewage treatment plants. One way is to […]

Xoli Appointed Roto Group Distributor

Xoli Appointed Roto Group Distributor We are delighted to announce our appointment as UK Importers and distributors for Roto Group’s water range of products. Roto Group Roto Group are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of rotationally moulded plastic products, manufacturing over 4000 products and exporting to over 50 countries worldwide. With headquarters in Slovenia, 6 […]

Septic Tanks Care and Maintenance

Septic Tanks Care and Maintenance. Septic Tanks & Sewage Treatment Plants WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY IF YOU DON’T LOOK AFTER THEM full stop! Septic Tanks Care & Maintenance – Septic Tanks Smell – Yes they do! Maxifiltra can help – Septic Tanks – Yes they are full of SxxT That doesn’t mean you don’t need to […]

EaZyBarra New Stockists march 2018

EaZyBarra New Stockists march 2018 It has been a busy start to the year for EaZyBarra with several merchants joining the growing network of merchants now stocking our product. EaZyBarra is now stocked in over 50 locations throughout the UK with more merchants now joining our network on a regular basis. So far this month […]

EaZyBarra Gritting

With the heavy snow last week, we decided to put EaZyBarra to the test gritting the roads in our street. A bit of fun but we found another use for EaZyBarra 🙂

EaZyBarra Stockists

More new EaZyBarra Stockists added to our growing list of stockists Nationwide. We are still currently looking for more stockists to meet the increasing demand for our product. Interested in Stocking EaZyBarra? Give us a call  on 0800 612 6401 or contact us by email